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We are a full service property management company, providing quality management and leasing services in Cincinnati since 2006. We provide a diversity of services to a wide range of properties throughout the Cincinnati area. We are dedicated to providing a transparent and proactive level of service to our investors. Our employees are highly trained with many years of experience, strong relationships with vendors and housing authorities, and an appreciate for the importance with acting with purpose and intensity.


We customize our level of service based upon the needs of our clients, however, the fundamentals are:

  • Property evaluation – we always prefer to partner with our clients before purchase, to help them evaluate prospective properties and lend feedback.
  • Pricing – we take pride in getting good prices for our clients, but ones supported by the market – we won’t buy listings.
  • Qualifying – we work with our clients to set a rental policy, to ensure we locate a qualified applicant for any vacancy.
  • Marketing – we market properties aggressively, and make them available to all of the agents in our multiple listing service, as well as marketing directly to consumers. Strong marketing means less vacancy, tenant quality, and good prices.
  • Maintenance – we provide maintenance in a cost-effective, timely manner to all of our properties. We have after hours maintenance, and will coordinate turns and larger projects, as well.
  • Inspection – we do inspections and document them for our client’s protection. We will also do routine inspections necessary for various voucher programs.
  • Rent collection – we have a variety of methods by which tenants can make rental payments.
  • Lease enforcement – we have no discretion when enforcing your lease – this makes us valuable to you.
  • Accounting and reporting – we document all income received and expenses incurred, and have several layers of accountability in place. Clients can access their accounts at any time, and create a variety of reports, at will.




We have a team of property managers, leasing agents, administrators and financial administrators dedicated to providing oversight, transparency and accountability to your experience with us. We have years of experience in the business, and we will be assigned to you because our specific background meshes well with your properties.

We are designed to scale with our clients, so that we can meet the demands of your growing portfolio without unnecessary stress, and, also, so your income goes up and your costs go down.


It’s about the numbers. We realize that. We are investors, ourselves, so we understand your perspective, innately. We don’t want you to buy anything that doesn’t make you money, and we know that it’s important to control expenses and limit cost-ineffective turnover. We keep it simple, provide you the information you need and do all we can to let you focus on building your portfolio, rather than worrying about your existing.



Future Residents


We got started during the foreclosure crisis – our business was built by realtor referrals. We started with what we called “accidental landlords”, clients who found themselves unable to sell for what they owed, and chose to rent and hold their property until the market corrected themselves – this was almost our entire portfolio until the market improved, at which time, we gave them back to the agents who referred them to us to sell.

Even when you refer someone to us, your clients remain yours.

We, also, pay referral fees!

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